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UK Commercial Property Investment Webinar

Presented by Anastasiia - MIK Consultivo


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Who this 25-minute webinar is for:

  • Millennial Millionaire Entrepreneurs seeking porfolio return enhancement
  • Established Family Investors seeking to preserve generational wealth
  • Millionaire investors seeking internationalization
  • Strategically minded high net worth individuals looking for sustained wealth creation
  • High net worth individuals looking to skyrocket their opportunites with different strategies

UK Commercial Property Investment is a lucrative avenue to creating and preserving wealth.

This webinar presents an overview of the UK commercial property market, highlighting opportunities and benefits as well as what steps one can take to prepare to invest. This is a key webinar for our international clients providing insight and helping them create the first steps for a profitable path in their investment aspirations.

By mapping out the investors' journey and understanding path-to-investment, we help create strategic plans of action that influence wealth creation.


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