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Welcome to the Exclusive Partners Program by Eritosakuru, where elite professionals in the realms of real estate, finance, and wealth management converge to unlock unparalleled opportunities. As a distinguished partner, you gain access to a prestigious network and a wealth of curated investment options tailored for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

Join Eritosakuru in shaping the future of commercial property investment and earn 15% fees through our innovative platform.

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Discover the Perks of Partnering with Eritosakuru

Access to Curated

Investment Opportunities

Your clients gain exclusive access to a diverse range of meticulously curated commercial property investment opportunities in the UK tailored for discerning high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.


Commission Structure

Enjoy a generous commission structure designed to reward your performance. Earn a lucrative commission of 15% on each successful sale of our Eritosakuru Quarterly Membership, ensuring substantial earnings for your valuable contribution.

Additional Incentives

on Property Sales

In addition to membership sales, seize the opportunity to earn extra income with a commission of 0.5% on the value of each successful commercial property sale facilitated through your referrals. Maximize your earnings potential with every transaction.

Global Market Coverage

Expand your horizons and tap into lucrative markets across the globe. Benefit from our strategic focus on key regions including the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Africa, allowing you to leverage local networks and capitalize on diverse investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Analytics


Gain valuable insights and track your performance with our intuitive analytics dashboard. Monitor your referral activity, track earnings, and assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in real time, empowering you to optimize your strategy for maximum results.

In the realm of commercial property investment, the UK shines as a beacon of opportunity, offering fertile ground for lucrative ventures. Renowned as an Alpha city, London stands as a hub of commerce and innovation, attracting investors worldwide. With stable economic conditions, robust legal systems, and dynamic market dynamics, the UK presents unparalleled opportunities for growth. Its strategic location, cultural diversity, and world-class infrastructure further enhance its appeal, making it an irresistible choice for investors seeking stability and expansion in the global market.

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Complete a quick and easy registration process to become an Eritosakuru Exclusive Partner. Provide basic information, pay and agree to our terms and conditions. Be driven to earn by sharing love for Eritosakuru.

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Once registered, you'll receive a personalized referral link which is key to tracking your referrals and earning high-paying commissions. We'll also provide high-quality images and resources.

Share Your Link

Start sharing your custom link with your network, including through emails, blog posts, social media, and other channels. Spread the word about Eritosakuru and the benefits of our Quarterly Membership.

Earn Commissions

Sit back and watch your earnings grow as your referrals sign up for our Quarterly Membership. Earn commissions on each successful referral, and enjoy the rewards of being an Eritosakuru Partner.

Simplify Your Journey: Seamless Enrollment Process

Joining the Eritosakuru Exclusive Partners Program is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to kickstart your journey towards lucrative earnings and unparalleled opportunities.

Earn £2,135.25 Per Sale

As an esteemed Program Partner, you hold the key to unlocking unparalleled earning potential while shaping the financial destinies of high-net-worth individuals. Together, let's redefine what's possible and embark on a journey of unprecedented growth and prosperity. The opportunity awaits—are you ready to seize it?


Earning Potential

Imagine the thrill of earning substantial commissions—up to £2,135.25 per successful referral—simply by sharing the unparalleled benefits of our exclusive membership.



Flexible to pause, this 3-month recurring membership is the preferred entry point for investors looking to enter the commercial property market and build a successful portfolio with ongoing support from Eritosakuru.


3-Month Membership

Eritosakuru Quarterly Membership spans three months at £4,775 each, totaling £14,325. This timeframe allows our experts to align an investor's strategy and secure lucrative commercial properties efficiently.

HNW members gain privileged insights

into elite commercial property

investment opportunities

Eritosakuru's membership platform is highly coveted among global high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Serving as a gateway to extraordinary wealth-building opportunities, our membership offers privileged access to curated deal flows and elite investment prospects.


£2m to £5m

Let to national retail operator with more than 2,300 stores on a FRI lease in excess of 10-years to expiry in affluent South East London location for £2,525,000.

£5m to £10m

Leased to global German manufacturer, this freehold property spans 28,000 sq ft, housing a thriving 3S car dealership. With a solid 10-year lease term and annual rent exceeding £515,000. Sits on a prime corner plot spanning over 1.8 acres, it boasts a robust tenant profile, including renowned brands like Skoda and Volkswagen.


Leased to the UK's largest supermarket under a 25-year solid lease. Enjoy stable income with annual RPI-linked rent reviews, yielding £1.36 million annually. Strategically positioned with minimal competition, boasting a pristine CreditSafe rating of 100/100. Offering a 999-year leasehold on a 5.5-acre site, promising long-term security and capital growth.

Are you the right fit?

At Eritosakuru, we seek to collaborate with industry professionals distinguished by their expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable outcomes for high net worth individuals ready to invest a minimum of £2 million. We hold our Exclusive Partners to the highest standards of excellence, expecting them to serve as trusted advisors and allies to affluent clients in pursuit of lucrative investment ventures with Eritosakuru. Join our esteemed network of partners today and embark on a journey filled with boundless opportunities for both yourself and your clients.

Minimum 7 years in Senior Role

We seek Exclusive Partners who have a proven track record of success in senior roles within the real estate, banking, or wealth management industries. A minimum of 7 years of experience in a leadership or managerial position is required to demonstrate your expertise and industry knowledge.

Managing High Net Worth Clients

Our ideal partners have extensive experience in managing high net worth clients and catering to their unique needs and preferences. Whether you specialize in commercial real estate, private banking, or wealth advisory services, your ability to build and maintain relationships with affluent individuals is essential.

Strong Personal Brand in the Market

We value partners who have established a strong personal brand and reputation within their respective markets. Your reputation for integrity, professionalism, and expertise will enhance your credibility as an Exclusive Partner and attract clients to Eritosakuru through your referral network.

Commitment to Excellence

Partners should demonstrate a commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work, including client service, communication, and professionalism. Your dedication to delivering exceptional value and exceeding client expectations aligns with our core values at Eritosakuru.

Dashboard Access

Gain unparalleled insight and control over your partner journey with Eritosakuru's intuitive Dashboard Access. Seamlessly track your commissions, monitor performance metrics, and access real-time analytics at your fingertips. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly manage your affiliate activities, streamline communication with your clients, and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the convenience of centralized data management, secure document storage, and easy access to exclusive resources. Elevate your affiliate experience and unlock new opportunities for growth with Eritosakuru's Dashboard Access.

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Picture yourself as the trusted advisor, the go-to expert in your industry, effortlessly guiding your clients toward lucrative investment opportunities and financial prosperity. Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment as you effortlessly generate recurring commissions, all while strengthening relationships with your valued clients. With Eritosakuru's Exclusive Partners Program, you're not just earning commissions – you're becoming a beacon of success, a catalyst for growth, and a source of inspiration for those around you. Experience the thrill of instant recognition, the satisfaction of knowing you're part of something extraordinary, and the joy of sharing your success with loved ones.

Join us in shaping a future where financial empowerment knows no bounds, and let your journey

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What is Eritosakuru?

Eritosakuru is a pioneering platform dedicated to providing high net worth investors with exclusive access to meticulously curated commercial property investment deals. Our focus on delivering expert insights and personalized services ensures tailored solutions tailored for investors seeking excellence in this specialized niche.

Eritosakuru's membership is meticulously crafted to complement existing financial relationships, with a singular focus on commercial property investment expertise, thereby maximizing returns. With flexible membership options, including Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual plans. An investor has the freedom to pause or cancel at any time.

Eritosakuru stands as an innovative platform facilitating private, direct ownership of UK commercial property investments.

How do I earn commissions as an Exclusive Partner Program?

As an Exclusive Partner, you earn a commission of 15% on each successful Eritosakuru Quarterly Membership sale, and an additional 0.5% fee on the value of any commercial property investment successfully sold to your clients.

How are commissions paid out?

Commissions are paid out at the end of the following month to ensure successful sales.

Is there a joining fee for the Exclusive Partner Program?

There is an annual fee of £500 for the Exclusive Partner Program reflecting the exclusive nature of the opportunities it provides. As a prestigious program offering access to curated commercial property investment deals and high-paying commissions, the fee ensures commitment and dedication from Exclusive Partners. By investing in the program, Exclusive Partners gain access to opportunities to earn substantial commissions on both membership sales and property transactions. This fee not only signifies the value of the program but also serves as an investment in one's potential for significant financial growth and success.

At Eritosakuru, we seek to collaborate with industry professionals distinguished by their expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to achieving remarkable outcomes for high net worth individuals ready to invest a minimum of £2 million.

We hold our Exclusive Partners to the highest standards of excellence, expecting them to serve as trusted advisors and allies to affluent clients in pursuit of lucrative investment ventures with Eritosakuru. Join our esteemed network of partners today and embark on a journey filled with boundless opportunities for both yourself and your clients.