Mega trends continue to unleash increasing demands on businesses today. Innovation, agility and a challenger state of mind are a prerequisite to lead in shaping the future of your business. But, are you relevant? We see strategy and innovation as two inherent, interconnected components of a road map. But not just any road map - one that begins with today’s vision to shape the direction of a company’s future thta is enabled technologically.


Business team discussing strategy and innovation led by MIK Consultivo roadmaps



We don't just shape the future but set the pace to execute differently and outperform competition - visionaries, being the first to act in your industry. Be it a service or an entire business model, the power to innovate by a company sets it apart to shake an industry, create and maintain authority and leadership. We provide cutting edge frameworks to harness the power of these two intrinsic characteristics deploying across people and resources propelling business operations safeguarding existence.



Technology disrupting the sales process is an understatement. Customers have interactions with brands even before coming into contact with a seller’s representative. The landscape, demands and information the customer posses are immense and ever changing existing only in short-term life cycles. Customers are trying products in virtual settings and influence their own and other buyers’ decisions in an instant.

Marketing and sales in an automotive dealership selling high end cars optimized by MIK Consultivo Sales & Marketing technology led sprints
Graphic overlay showing real time connectivity and adaptability for omni channel marketing



Marketing needs to be adaptive, insightful and targeted able to respond on a real time basis. With decisions being made in moments across dynamic digital tools and platforms that are continuously shifting, operating a team with traditional mix of skills will create an extinct marketing plan. Further, product and service comparisons, the globalization of business relationships and decreasing brand loyalty place more demands on a company’s sales and marketing functions. Amidst these challenges and changes lie opportunities for success - we provide alignment as the core basis for sales teams and help marketing teams embrace complexity to perform and deliver solutions to the exact and varied needs of customers. Teams that are an optimized evolving ecosystem.



Data is undeniably a valued asset and harnesses the power to unleash a company into a new dimension of service and product innovation meeting and closing customer expectations. The challenge remains to craft a solution that allows transformation and remain human in key areas to enhance experience. Ultimately we help organization redesign becoming more faster and relevant across all touch points including suppliers and customers.

Digital transformation impact image showing speed, agility and capability to deliver winning solutions
Automotive dealership's factory showing assembly line of passenger cars and assembly robots that are optimized for machine and people to work together across operations and procurement



Quality, cost and time remain primary focal parameters to create competitive advantages. With focus on relevance and optimizing cost, the future of production has to belong to the smart factory where the purpose of further networking systems, machines and people together develops new methods to create future smart production including robots co-working with humans to deliver reliability and consistency in high quality.


Empowering Creativity, Trust, and Collaborative Strategies for Tangible Business Outcomes

Challenging the status quo, creating space for creativity and promoting an open culture of trust and collaboration forms the basis of providing businesses with a platform to align strategy with operative and procurement resulting in specified actions with identifiable results and value.



Leveraging cross-functionality transforms organizations that become not just competitive but profitable. We employ design to cause constant transformation so that companies remain agile and a step ahead evolving with innovative solutions and stakeholder value. Business Transformation, Change Management, Cost Reduction, Revenue Growth, Development of the Organization are some of the spheres we can deliver.

Organization and process change management and strategy session for high performing business team in meeting room inspired by MIK Consultivo strategy document
MIK Consultivo harnesses the power of talent to drive towards a management operation that is also people-centric showing well organized teams working with optimized workflows



People are an organization’s greatest asset. To an extent, this phrase has somewhat become a cliché. For an organization to thrive in a dynamic and ever changing world we harness the power of talent to drive towards a management operation that is not just customer-centric but people-centric to drive implementation of change and agility. We take into account the specific position and situation on an individual basis and provide customized solutions for companies.


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Explore a wealth of cutting-edge insights, ideas, and perspectives with MIK Consultivo. Immerse yourself into a diverse range of contemporary content, available through our blogs, podcasts, webinars, and events, as we delve into the trends shaping both the business and societal landscapes of tomorrow. This expansive collection spans topics such as cloud computing, AI, data, and even the metaverse, presenting a rare opportunity to engage with the innovations of the next century, which are shaping exponentially.

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Cutting edge solutions to enhance performance from leveraging supply chain optimization for vehicle and parts distribution, dealership level performance, autonomous, connected, shared, and electric operation alignment.


Digital transformation is a change in mindset and for the chance to reimagine how your company will do things. We help companies unlock new value for all stakeholders.


Marketing needs to respond on a real time basis where decisions being made are in moments across dynamic digital tools and platforms that are continuously shifting.